You are the spectanalyst.

Here you are, the SPECTANALYST, invited to accompany, or implored to companion, a host of characters, charactors, here speaking truth and untruth, wittingly and unwittingly, apparently for you, an interlocutor assumed, presumed, supposed-to-know what resides within screaming or silent symptoms. Here we have characters as symptoms seeking a hearing, seeking to speak, and I hope you enjoy your position, in all its ambivalence, as a spectator analyst.

Who is saying what, to whom, for whom…

In the age of the confessional, when accomplishing intimacy with others remains elusive and we privilege the performance of ourselves beyond being with ourselves, we have all become implicated as spectators of, or indeed for, others longing for an audience.

We may ask for whom a given performance of self is intended, to whom a given account is addressed explicitly and implicitly. We may wonder what is it that calls to be seen within what is seen and heard within what is heard. We may wonder if we can distinguish between what is said, who is saying it and to whom it is being said. Implicated as we are in the perpetual instances of selves seeking mirrors, mirrors of ourselves, hearers of our selves, we may seek to engage psychoanalytic perspectives as spectators reading unbidden, unconscious communication.

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